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Our consulting services comprise all essential areas of healthcare communication for a wide variety of indications as well as topics relating to healthcare management and medical care. We partner with our clients to deliver strategic communications for doctors, patients and institutions. We also advise in crisis situations, on market launches, in matters relating to corporate communication or medical education concepts.

Strategic consulting

Seeking and fostering dialogue
Companies in the medical and healthcare market must consider regulatory specifications, ethical demands and economic requirements. The dialogue with all opinion leaders and interest groups is critical in order to successfully handle increasing challenges.

Understanding and communicating successfully
Strategic goals can only be achieved once the complex interaction by relevant players is understood correctly and health communication is conveyed in a sensitive manner. We know how target groups perceive things and we understand their language. This helps us to offer our client’s targeted and successful consulting.

What GCI Health offers in the area of strategic consulting:

  • Strategic multi-channel communication concepts
  • Analyses of market segments and stakeholder groups
  • Targeted communication in trade and general-interest media
Product communications

A Sensitive market that requires a sure instinct
Communication for prescription medicines and medical products requires a high degree of sensitivity. It is a critical prerequisite for achieving the desired positioning of a product. The aim is to communicate complex content practically and comprehensibly which demands experience in the respective area and a sound medical understanding.

What GCI Health offers in the area of product communication (specialist groups and general public):

  • Communication strategies for all phases in the product life cycle, medical product or digital innovations for healthcare
  • Planning, organisation and implementation of communication activities (regional, national, international)
  • Awareness campaigns and patient information days
  • Print, radio, TV and online communication in specialist and consumer media
Market access & public affairs communication

Understanding the healthcare market
Nowadays, social and political factors have an influence on practically all decisions of a company in the medical sector. Scarcer resources and spending restrictions continue to exert a significant influence and we must ensure this is front of mind when planning strategic communications.

Communicating persuasively and appropriately
Good market access strategies are therefore constantly growing in importance. Conveying mutual interests and opinions in a compelling way is therefore a key task of healthcare communications. Apart from specific medical facts, successful presentation of the opinion-forming process is also important for success and, ultimately, whether patients gain access to medical innovations. This also applies for new digital solutions to which the market is increasingly open.

What GCI Health offers in the area of market access & public affairs:

  • Contact to opinion leaders, ministries, political institutions, associations and health insurance companies
  • Moderation of the debate on the availability of therapy
  • Communication for early benefit assessment
  • Formation of public opinion on the availability of medical innovations in Germany
  • Market-entry strategies for international enterprises
Crisis communication & preparedness

Creating trust
Health is a valuable asset and medical treatment and disease prevention are a matter of trust. This trust can easily be lost by means of a critical discussion or even a product error.

Being prepared
It is not always possible to prevent critical situations, but it is important to be prepared for them. The right communication can significantly mitigate damage in such cases.

What GCI Health offers in the area of crisis communication & preparedness:

  • Crisis prevention
  • Strategic communication concepts
  • Crisis simulations, training courses and workshops
  • Support in the event of a crisis
Corporate communication

Managing challenges
As a specialist in healthcare communications, we are aware of the regulatory requirements and challenges facing our clients. We create solutions designed to be different, rooted in healthcare landscape expertise and compliance know-how.

Building on experience
Each measure always needs to be ranked within the overriding communication of a company. Thanks to many years of experience in corporate communication – both internally and externally – we are able to fully partner with our clients for the success of their company.

In the field of corporate communications – externally and internally – GCI Health offers:

  • Press and media relations
  • Internal communication
  • Employer branding
  • Corporate publishing
  • Corporate events
  • Change communication
  • Crisis communication
Medical education

Communicating knowledge
Continuous learning is indispensable for doctors and other specialist groups in the healthcare sector in order to keep abreast of constant developments. Furthermore, open debate of scientific issues as well as discussion and consensus-forming, are very important for further development and advancement in medicine.

What GCI Health offers in the area of medical education:

  • Further education for doctors, pharmacists and medical assistants
  • Presentation and media training
  • Moderation of events
  • Contacts to opinion leaders
Digital communication

Realistically assessing digital opportunities
Digital developments offer new approaches for communications. Ideally, it integrates within the overall communication of a company. The challenge posed by digital communication is to identify the right channels for the right target groups and to utilise them practically and expertly. Digital touchpoints are meanwhile developing swiftly even in the healthcare sector. We retain an overview for our clients and activate relevant digital communication channels in an effort to comply with the changing behaviour of the respective target groups.

What GCI Health offers in the area of digital communication:

  • Digital strategies for specialist and patient communication
  • Touchpoint analyses for defined target groups
  • Maintaining existing channels such as social media and websites
  • Social listening and content marketing
  • Online PR and online co-operations
  • e-Learning

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